Digitizing Services

Sample Sew Out

Our designs and edits are always sewn out prior to delivery for perfection of the final product. We can supply scan of sample sew-out if required, matching the art supplied or thread colour, as well as background material that you request.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are proud to know that the quality in our designs are prime and we do our best to ensure that every stitch is at the right place but if you feel that your desigs need any adjustments, we will make all necessary changes to your satisfaction.

Fast Delivery

We will digitize your logo beetween 12 and 24 hours on business days. We understand the fast pace that embroidery industry requires and we will delivery it.

Files Delivered

All digitized files can be e-mailed to you in most machine types - you can check our list here. Colour print-out in pdf format with specification of each design digitized and a image rendition of the design is supplied as well.

Secure Ownership

Assurance that your design and information will be kept strictly confidential and not be shared with any other individual.

In-house Graphic Department

With our many years of experience in graphic design coupled with our embroidery expertise we can adjust any design to make it suitable for embroidery.

We offer a complete range of Graphic Design Services.



  • Newmarket, Ontario, CA
  • Email: oaktree@oaktreedesign.ca
  • Website: www.oaktreedesign.ca
  • Tel: 905-898-8992


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